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3 months mentoring with me focusing on self worth and body imagE

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Hello, nice to meet you!


Your daughters potential Mentor, cheerleader and all round enthusiast. I know what it feels like to feel like something isn’t right. That I needed to change in order to feel better. That I wish I could be anyone but me. I felt so unsure about who I was in the world and felt pretty worthless.

It took me a while to get to a place of contentment and acceptance. I believe it doesn’t need to be that way for anyone else. That we just need a bit of guidance and support to get there. My lived experience means I ‘get it’. It means I am crazy passionate about others feeling good about themselves. And most of all means that all my learnings in the last decade are wrapped up in this course, so your daughter can live a life filled with joy and abundance.

We will go on a journey together, to discover and learn who they truly are. I will help them see what is holding them back and work through these challenges throughout our time together and beyond. There is a theme of challenge and action throughout – I am excited.  Are you?

Tessa x

This is how I think your daughter might be feeling

  • Feeling unhappy within themselves and their body most of the time
  • Comparing themselves a lot
  • Putting a lot of pressure on themselves or feel pressure from others
  • Feeling unsure or confused about their future
  • The phrase ‘not good enough’ feels constant in their head/life


We will work together to create the life your daughter deserves through mentorship, 1 to 1 weekly sessions for an hour over 12 week period.

My approach is simple yet powerful.

Accountability is a key aspect and as much as it is up to your daughter to take the action, I am right here walking beside them.


Weekly One Hour Sessions

These can be in person or online. Ideally taking place outside.

This is where the transformative work lies, we will dig deep in these session to get to know yourself and be gently guided by me.

Carefully Curated Journal Prompts

Journaling is a great way of getting familiar with yourself. To bridge the gap between your mind and your heart. These prompts help guide them to a better understanding and appreciation for yourself.

Personal Mediations

Who are you when you are still? When everything else is quiet. Learning to be with yourself is the most important skill you will learn. These mediations will help you do just that. Truly and wholeheartedly enioy being in your mind and body.

Daily Cheerleader Check Ins

Accountability is a big part of the 3 months. An optional daily check in to set you up for the day ahead. Change lies in commitment and consistency. I am here to support you.

Support your daughter before the need for medical intervention


Here are a few ways your daughter might feel differently because of this

  • Feeling secure, happy and content within themselves and their body
  • They understand who they truly are, what makes them tick and what they would ultimately like out of life
  • They no longer feel the need or desire to compare themselves to others
  • They feel resilient, like they could handle challenges life throws them
  • They felt empowered to make their own decisions

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Hear what they say

Tessa has been an inspirational support and helped me find the value in myself. I felt so self conscious of my body image and would always compare myself to others so much so I would do anything to not leave the house. Tessa gave me the confidence to feel strong and happy in myself and my body. She is patient and kind, I have loved working with her these past months.

Tessa has been incredibly supportive over the last year. I appreciate the time she has taken to reassure me that I am not alone and that everything will be okay. She has made me feel comfortable and heard. The time we have spend talking has taught me a lot about myself. I now feel calmer about social situations and I am starting to feel more confident in my own skin, which is great. I am grateful for our conversations.

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